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Adopt the Sort by Season method! Divide your home into four categories, then you can spend a whole season of the year sprucing up that one area rather than cramming it all into your coveted day off.
Complete with handy checklists and free printables, Sort by Season boils decluttering down to the simple question: "Do I need or want this?" Whether you're a maximalist or a minimalist, you'll find purging your home to be easy, painless, and, believe it or not, fun!



Hello, hello! My name is Ally Deatherage, and welcome to my website! 

I am the author of the #1 best-selling decluttering ebook, "Sort by Season." Read it here.

I love to help people with productivity on my YouTube Channel (see my schedule below) so they can read and write more. 

I also have an Etsy shop! (You can see some of my digital downloads below). There you'll find printable bookmarks, planner pages, and small signs.




My channel is about reading books and writing books. It's a place where we support each other and applaud one another's success! 

This is also a great place to connect with me if you want to talk about anything from my decluttering ebook, "Sort by Season," I can help you on your decluttering journey during ANY of my live stream sprints! Ask your questions in the live chat. I'll help during a break!

I have three live streams every week. Here's my regular schedule:

Live Writing Sprints:

Tuesdays - 4pm CST

Thursdays - 4pm CST

Saturdays - 9am CST




Everything in the shop is a Digital Download of my original pour acrylic artwork. Each listing comes with wallpappers for computers and smartphones, backgrounds social media posts, and two printable bookmarks (2x6in & 2x8in).

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